KB About

The Knowledge Base

We are building a risk management knowledge base. This is in the form of "wiki" pages. What is that? Wiki pages are created, edited, improved, and owned by all of us. Senior members of RMtt are able to help us edit these pages and build our knowledge. We all contribute to build these pages.


Certain topics will obviously relate to other topics. But since this knowledge base will be built by us, it will be a dynamic organism. In other words, we can't possibly predict all of the topics. And if we can't predict the topics, we certainly can't predict the structure to link page "A" to page "B". So like the pages themselves, the structure will be a work in process. When in doubt, use the search function to find what you need.

Adding to the KB

Our senior members will have the ability to create and edit pages. Additions and changes will be moderated by subject matter experts.

Monitoring and Editing the KB

Our moderators will have the ability to remove additions and changes. They will also have the ability to edit all entries - to fix grammar and to assure that concepts are clearly articulated, As in other areas of RMtt, the judgement of the moderators is final. No appeal process.

Intentionally inappropriate edits

If, in our judgment, someone is making intentionally inappropriate posts we will revoke their senior member status . Sorry, but we can't be wasting our time dealing with trouble makers.