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The Q & A section is where you find the site Forums (or is it Fora?). To keep things simple, we have created only three forums:

  • RMtt FAQ: This is intended to be about the RMtt initiative and this site. It is more "static" than "discussion". Feel free to post new questions or start new threads, but try to keep it more about RMtt than about Risk Management in general.
  • Risk Management FAQ: This is intended to be short topics about risk management. It can be a primer for those who are new to risk management. Feel free to post questions about any of the topics.
  • Risk Management Discussions: This is intended to be a broad discussion forum about risk management topics - in all of their varieties. Post your questions and help respond to other members.

These will be moderated. So inappropriate questions or responses will be removed. What are inappropriate questions or responses?

  • Blatantly commercial. We'll give some latitude here, but be reasonable.
  • Whatever the moderator considers off topic, such as political rants. There are plenty of other places for that. Use those.
  • Offensive language. Judgment belongs strictly to the moderator. No appeal process. Keep it clean and professional.

So go ahead and post your questions or help others with responses.